Men yoga is yoga especially for Men and is more than just a yoga class without women. Every week we connect with each other and practice special Kundalini Yoga exercises and meditations. The exercises stimulate the awareness of body, thoughts, and emotions. Partly because of the versatility of the exercises, they are suitable for men with and without yoga experience. Characteristic are the dynamic yoga exercises, attention to the breath and the use of mantras.

For men, doing Yoga often means an introduction to the emotional world. Entering the world of feeling requires courage and guidance. With men’s yoga, we offer a place for men to discover the unknown together. Not by challenging each other as macho’s, but by inspiring each other to leave the comfort zone. Physical and mental blockades that we experience during Yoga and daily activities are discussed in a confidential environment.


Take care of yourself and wake up to your destiny.

Practical info
Our special Men’s Yoga class is offered every Thursday evening (20:15) at the Yoga Lifestyle Studio, Groenburgwal 9G. All classes are drop-in, so no need to pre-register for a class. A regular Men’s Yoga class takes 1.5 hours. You’ll be guided through a series of exercises and meditations. The exercises help you to become aware of your physical, mental and emotional condition and simultaneously improve your health and wellbeing. The emphasis is on the experience itself! We offer 2 trial classes for €15,- (Payment in cash!)


What to bring
Yoga clothes (Jogging pants & sweatpants, T-shirt), water bottle. Yogamats and cushions are available at the studio, so no need to bring your own.


Well qualified teachers dedicated to offering you the best support and guidance.


Casper is experienced and certified in many fields and forms of healing and self-development. Casper has used 1/4 of his life traveling the globe in a personal journey to find his “truth” Along the way he has taken different pieces of training and is a certified Kundalini, Hatha, Nidra, Qi Kung, and Coach/PT. His classes are a journey to the layers inside, exploring different approaches for awareness of our dormant energies. The classes are often being serenaded with live music from Guitar. Healing and wellbeing are at the top of his agenda, and Casper successfully makes his living offering, body therapy, yoga and individual/couple coaching and personal development, all in private and business.


Wessel is an experienced and recommended Level1 & 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher and Business Yoga trainer. Wessel is able to uplift and re-connect people to a deeper sense of self. His friendly and sincere personality inspires participants to go deep into the experience and getting the best out of themselves. During his sessions, the focus is on self-awareness and delivering a deep and powerful experience of elevated consciousness. Besides his group sessions he also coaches people individually with Yoga Therapy & Coaching. He has successfully coached many people with various physical and mental health conditions.

Now is the time to wake up from your sleep, break your cocoon and come out! The future is waiting for you.

Yogi Bhajan


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