Terms and Conditions

1. Registration
1.1 Online registration
Students can register by completing the online registration form. The agreement between the student and Kundalini Pioneers (KP) includes the online registration form and the general term and conditions. For training programs also the study brochure and study conditions are included. Through online registration, the student agrees with its contents.
1.2. deposit
The registration is only valid after the deposit or full amount is paid. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
1.3 Introductory meeting
For more information about the training, retreat or event the student can request an introductory meeting. The conversation may take place during a personal appointment, online, or by telephone.
1.4 Welcome
The student will receive an email confirmation with further details about:
• Confirmation of registration.
• Payment and invoice.
• Location, route description, and other practical information.
2. Payment
2.1 Transfer
Reservation is confirmed after the payment of the deposit is received. All payments are done by bank transfer, we do not offer other payment methods.
2.2 Payment options
The student can choose from several payment options:
• Early payment: full payment prior to a specified date.
• Late Payment: payment of a non-refundable deposit at registration and rest payment prior to a specified date.
2.3 Billing
The student receives an invoice for the total fee, including payment specifications.
2.4 Administrative questions
For administrative questions, the student can contact the student contact person indicated or general contact.
3. Cancelation and Refund Policy
3.1 Cancellation
Any cancellation of an agreement can only take place on working days and only at the request of the student. Due to the more complex organisation and expenses already made, the student owes a contribution if an agreement is canceled. Cancellation of the agreement by student must be confirmed by e-mail (info@kundalinipioneers.nl). The date of the e-mail is the date of the cancellation notification.
3.2 Refund
If the student decides to cancel his training, workshop or retreat, the following refund policy applies:
The registration deposit is non-refundable.
The remaining amount is refundable based on the following conditions:
· Cancellation up to 8 weeks before the start 85% of the remaining amount.
· Cancellation from 2 – 4 weeks before the start 50% of the remaining amount.
· For cancellation from 2 weeks to the starting date no refunds are possible.
3.3 Foreclosure
If the student terminates participation, or is temporarily unable to participate, unable to attend, or misses days, there is no refund of tuition possible.
3.4 Termination of agreement
The mutual rights and obligations arising from the registration agreement end once the agreement is terminated and the fee is paid.
4. Late payments
4.1 Late payments
If payments are overdue, reserves the right to cancel the reservation and retain the deposit. KP will send the student a reminder and the amount can be increased with an administration fee. With a late payment of one month or more KP is entitled to terminate the student’s attendance and participation, until payments have been done in full. The obligation for the full payment remains.
4.2 collection
If a collection agency needs to be hired to recover the tuition, the money owed will be increased by 10%, with a minimum of 35 euro – collection fee.
4.3 Debtors administration
The debtors’ administration will be executed by the KP accountant:
Peter Coolen
5. Information
KP does everything in its power to avoid errors in brochures, ads, and lessons. KP cannot accept liability for any errors. The copyright of all training materials produced by KP belongs to KP. It is not permitted to copy or use training materials, promotional materials, website text, illustrations, photo materials, brochures, study conditions, etc. for any other purposes than use within this training without prior consent.
6. Changing training dates & teachers
KP has the right to change the dates and the teachers and make adjustments in the program and setup. In case of insufficient registrations, KP maintains the right to cancel or postpone. Upon agreement, the paid fees can be refunded to the student. Refund does not include flight & travel expenses. Students will be informed in time.
7. Flight booking
When you book your tickets please take into account that the retreat or event
will only take place when we have the minimum required amount of students
signed up. We send out a confirmation latest one month before the retreat or
event starts. Although you are responsible for booking your flights, we
recommend you book in time to get the best possible price.
8. Privacy Policy
The student provides personal information. KP uses this data to keep students informed and up to date with relevant offers from KP. The student can object in written form. Our privacy policy for protecting your personal data can be found at our website.
9. Complaints and disputes
KP is committed to providing the best possible service and support. If a student has a complaint, an email can be sent to the customer service of KP. The email address is info@kundalinipioneers.com. All complaints and disputes are registered and supervised. We intend to respond within 2 weeks and handle the complaint within 4 weeks. The complaint will always be treated confidentially.
10. Feedback and suggestions
KP encourages the student to give feedback, share ideas and suggestions. The input of the student will be deployed to improve the quality of our service, and as much as possible aligned with the needs and wishes of the student.
11. Disclaimer
We invite the student to practice yoga with enthusiasm. However, we recommend careful consideration to the implementation of the exercises offered. If the student doubts whether yoga is recommended for certain injuries or conditions, we suggest them to consult a doctor or therapist. The instructions and guidance provided are not intended to replace professional medical and psychological care. There are certain restrictions on the practice of yoga for pregnant and menstruating women. As a student, you’re supposed to be aware of these restrictions. The student can find information about this in our study materials or can be informed by the teacher.
12. Waiver of liability
Registration implies that the students agree to assume all responsibility for themselves and to release all others from all and any liability, which may directly or indirectly result from the training. Organizer, teachers, trainers, and staff are not responsible for any injuries or damage to people and/or property.
13. Contact Person
Siri Dharma Singh (Joost van Dijk)


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