Mindfulness invites you to be present at what you do and experience at every moment. This gives life a different color: it comes in fuller and more directly. You pay more attention to what you are doing and what is happening around you. Even small things can prove worthwhile if you are open to it. If you stand still and are more aware then you are more present in your life and you also get more control over it.

In the mindfulness training you learn to look at your thoughts and feelings from a distance. Just see what happens in a moment, open and without judging. Instead of automatically resisting annoying feelings, we learn to reflect on it in an accepting, non-judgmental way. We allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling at that moment.


Learn to be present in the moment

8-week Mindfulness Training
learn skills that help you to be aware and attentive in your daily life. Every session has its own theme. During the sessions the emphasis is on practical exercises: guided attention and concentration exercises, movement exercises, sitting and walking meditations. There is also room for the exchange of experiences.


Practical info
Start: To be announced
Information & registration: meike@mindfulness-lessen.nl
Investment: 300 euros incl. VAT, including workbook and USB / CD.


Well qualified teachers dedicated to offering you the best support and guidance.


Meike van Tilburg has studied Spanish and Business Economics and has worked as a business & recruitment consultant for 10 years. It turned out to be difficult to combine motherhood with work at the ZuidAs. Bringing her son to the day care centre raised the question; “Where am I going and is it worth it?”. An introduction to Buddhism was the turning point. She has now been working as a Mindfulness, ACT and Compassion trainer for 8 years. And since 4 years: back in the business district facilitating Mindfulness based interventions within organization as founding partner of Mindfulbizz.


Anurag ten Klooster is a successful independent entrepreneur in a sector where many entrepreneurs can hardly make ends meet. She educates, trains and coaches people in the field of compassion and mindfulness. She has supported thousands of people since 1990 and has been running her company Miraconsult for 18 years. Anurag ten Klooster has more than 20 years of experience in meditation and has guided meditation courses for many years. For SeeTrue Mindfulness she provides mindfulness training in Amsterdam.

Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.

Jon Kabat-Zinn


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