We believe in employees who are accountable for their own health and wellbeing



Activate potential, optimise individual outcome, and increase success.
Programs for employees, managers, high potentials and executives.

To ensure the best approach.


Take responsibility for your own health and vitality. Stay balanced and relaxed even under pressure.


How to be effective in times of change. Upgrade your life and work situation.


Activate the human potiential in people and generate sustainable business health.


Certified business health intervention for reducing illness rates.


Business Yoga Nederland is included in the Dutch Intervention Database for Healthy and Active Living. In 2013 we participated in a national assessment program based on the quality, effectiveness and preconditions of the intervention. This program was supported by the following organizations: Ministerie voor Volksgezondheid Welzijn en Sport, NISB (Nederlands Instituut voor Sport en Bewegen), MOVISIE (Kennis en Advies voor Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling). In addition we examined the theoretical foundation of the intervention, in collaboration with TNO (Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research).


Inspiration and relaxation for your company. Experience a wonderful day with your colleagues. High-quality workshops and fully catered events including reception, seminar, lunch and dinner. Offered at a special location that radiates tranquility and attention to detail.


A workshop can focus on a specific subject or theme, an accessible approach, connecting to what is going on in the group or company. Or just a nice time off from work with background and theory on different health and awareness related topics.


“A serious approach to gain more insight into the roles and responsibilities we have in life, and how to fulfil them in a positive way.”


Lucia Geus 
- Client Service Manager ING
“The attitude has completely changed in our department. People embrace a broader view of engagement, open for change and innovation.”


Zilla Witsel – Database Marketeer ING
“I found more peace of mind. I know how to break habits and overcome barriers through relaxation and endurance.”
Stephen Hodes 
- Partner LAgroup
“The simplicity of the method is amazing. Words can not describe this, you have to experience it.”


Anne Mieke Eggenkamp – General Director Design Academy Eindhoven


Welcome to Kundalini Pioneers. We are located in the centre of Amsterdam and in the heart of Ibiza. We are a collective of yoga teachers, creative artists and entrepreneurs with a passion for people and planet. For any questions, to share your ideas, or to join our mision, please contact or meet us.

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